TERM 4 - 3 weeks

Pay for the final 3 weeks of our year; Term 4 runs 10-30 May 2022. Packages are per individual.

The TERM 4 (3 week) PACKAGE covers lessons held from 10-30 May 2022. The cost is for the 3 weeks and has discounts for multiple classes from £3.65 to less than £3 per lesson. Participants may attend any style at their level. NOTE: Packages are per individual student. 

Fees are due by the end of the third week of term (5 June) and before we finish for the break; late fees will have an automatic additional 10% charge applied.

If you have paid for trial lessons and wish to pay for the remainder of the term, or have difficulty paying within the first 3 weeks of term, please contact us by email for details.

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