TERM 2 - 10 weeks

Pay for the full 10 weeks of Term 2, 8 November 2021-5 February 2022. Packages are per individual.

The TERM 2 (10 week) PACKAGE covers lessons held from 8 November 2021-5 February 2022. The cost is for the 10 weeks and has discounts for multiple classes from £3.65 to less than £3 per lesson. Participants may attend any style at their level. NOTE: Packages are per individual student. 

Fees are due by the end of the third week of term (28 November); late fees will have an automatic additional 10% charge applied.

If you have paid for trial lessons and wish to pay for the remainder of the term, or have difficulty paying within the first 10 weeks of term, please contact us by email for details.

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